5 Qualities Of Great Content

These days are all about creating engaging content and building your influence in the online world. Whether you are a personal brand or a Fortune 500 company, you can no longer neglect great content creation for your business. The demand for the best content is getting higher and higher and the lower quality content creators are being left behind. If you don’t create great content for your audience, they will never engage with your business or convert you into paying customers. If you do create great content for your audience then you’ll have a raging river of loyal fans that will stick with you even if you make mistakes. So how do you create great content? If you make sure that your content includes the following 5 qualities, you will always have great content:

  • Tailored For Your Audience
  • High Quality
  • Clear Communication
  • Has A Clear Purpose
  • Stays Consistent With Your Message

Tailored For Your Audience

Out of these 5 qualities, this is the most important. If you are creating content about cross country running and marathons to an audience of powerlifters and strongman competitors, guess what? Your following will drop quicker than a New York minute (see what I did there)! Your content creation needs to be tailored to the specific audience that you are trying to reach. If you don’t know who you are trying to reach, read our Market Positioning article and do everything it says to clarify your audience. If you don’t clarify your audience, your impact will never grow more than your current audience size and will shrink in time. People like to feel like they are a part of something and if your content is tailored to them in some way, they will feel like you are speaking to them. Remember: “Marketing done right doesn’t feel like marketing. It makes the people feel like they are a part of it.”- Marcus Hopsin. Does your content make your audience feel like they are a part of it?

High Quality

A few months ago I squatted the most I’ve ever squatted in my life. . . 1000lbs for 2 reps! It was definitely one of the best training sessions of my life and I was so happy to watch the video of me squatting. As I was taking off my knee wraps and wiping my teary eyes from the ammonia inhalant and the literal 1000lbs of pressure that just left my back, my cameraman was looking at me with a sense of apology. “Sorry man, halfway into recording something happened and the video got blurry”. Sure enough, the video looked like it was recorded through the eyes of someone who needed bifocals! Even my friend Alex Martin, founder of Progress Through Change, said that it looked like it was recorded from a potato. . . I say this because that video should have done absolutely AMAZING as a piece of content. Instead, it only received 654 views. No one cares to watch a video or view an image that looks like it was recorded from a potato or drawn by a toddler. Make sure the content you’re creating is the highest quality possible with your resources and your audience will be much more appreciative and responsive!

Clear Communication

If you are creating videos or writing content for your audience, you need to make sure that there is little room for false interpretation. If everyone can interpret your content in completely different ways than your original intentions, you have a communication problem. I used to struggle with this greatly. I would create content for a client I used to work for and have to constantly revise the words written in emails, social posts, and blogs because the intentions weren’t clear in the words. This happened because of spelling, grammar, word choice, and phrasing mistakes. I still remember the phone call I got after months of these mistakes almost on a daily basis- “Chris, you are misrepresenting my brand and I can no longer have this happen. You won’t be creating any content for me anymore. Let’s just stop creating carousels, emails, and social posts.”. I was so embarrassed and frustrated. I wasn’t frustrated at him, but at myself. Now I use Grammarly, re-read every piece of content I create, re-record videos if needed, and follow a StoryBrand outline for all my long-form content (videos and articles). This helps me create engaging content that has clear intentions for my communication. If you have clear communication you’ll also start creating engaging, relevant, and brand representing content for your audience.

Has A Clear Purpose

Why are you creating a specific piece of content? What’s the purpose of that content? You need to make sure that before creating your content, it actually has a clear purpose. If you don’t create a clear purpose for your content, you could miss out on higher engagement or decrease the clarity of your content. When picking a purpose for your content, I recommend either:

  • Educating
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring
  • Selling

If you create content with one of these purposes (ideally all of them), you will learn to start creating content with the purpose behind it. Also, ask yourself how your audience will want to receive this content. Not only will this help you increase your engagement, but it will also help you with clear communication and connect deeper with your audience.

Stay Consistent With Your Message.

Lastly, you need to stay consistent with your message. If your brand is creating conflicting content, it will confuse your audience and make you look hypocritical. This can be devastating for your engagement and rightly so. Imagine if you are following an influencer like David Goggins, a badass ex-navy seal that preaches self-discipline and introspection. You follow David for those two things: Self-discipline and introspection. Now imagine if out of nowhere, David started posting videos of him laying down on the couch eating briars ice cream and talking about his favorite Netflix show. . . it wouldn’t make any sense! You would either unfollow him for his conflicting content or reach out to him in the comment section asking if he’s okay. Don’t deliver an inconsistent message in your content or else it will confuse and disengage your audience. If you deliver a consistent message, you will create a loyal audience just like David Goggins has.


Thankfully, creating great content has never been easier. We have phones with amazing cameras, platforms to share our content with billions of people, software to automate and improve our content creation process; all we need to do is create it. I am going to write an article in the future about the Great Content Creation Process to help you with streamlining your content creation process. Until then, create your own content calendar and get creating! Remember, if you don’t create great content, your competitors will. If you do create great content now, who knows how far you’ll be in the future! P.S. If you need a website that will convert your visitors into loyal paying customers, we can help you! Click Get Started to schedule a consultation with us.